Special provisions  Slovakia Ring 6.9.2018 - JOPI Day

Special provisions Slovakia Ring 6.9.2018 - JOPI Day

SOP / 21.08.2018

For this race Special Provisions are binding (further only SP) issued by the organizer with the following clarifications.
Date: 6.9.2018
Place: Slovakia Ring



1. Entry fee

For group STC/CUP                                  -    250 eur
For group BTC                                           -   290 eur
The maximum number of participants is 90.

2. Classes

Vehicles are divided into the following classes.

Groupe STC (small touring cars)
Trieda 1 do 1600 ccm
Trieda 2 do 2000 ccm
Trieda 3 do 3000 ccm
Trieda 8 TCR (TCR, octavia cup, tt cup, TcrDsg)
Groupe BTC (big touring cars)
Trieda 4 do 3500 ccm
Trieda 5 nad 3500 ccm (mimo GT3)
Trieda 6 open cars        (KTM, Radical, Praga, Caterham … )
Trieda 7 GT3 cars
Groupe CUP
Trieda 9 InterCars MX-5 Cup

3. Time table of the competition:
5.9.2018  (wednesday) from 18:00 possible entry to the Slovakia Ring
19:00-22:00 administrative and technical check
6.9.2018 (Thudrsday)
From 6:30 possible entry to the Pannonia Ring
7:15-8:30 administrative and technical check
8:35-8:45   mandatory race debate

9:00- 9:20                FP                           STC + CUP
        9:20- 9:40                FP                           BTC
        9:40- 9:50             PAUSE
        9:50-10:10                Q1                          STC + CUP
      10:10-10:30                Q1                          BTC
      10:30-10:40             PAUSE      
      10:40-11:10             RACE1                     STC
      11:10-11:40             RACE1                     CUP
      11:40-12:10             RACE1                     BTC
      12:10-13:10             PAUSE
      13:10-13:30                 Q2                        STC + CUP
      13:30-13:50                 Q2                        BTC
      13:50-14:00             PAUSE      
      14:00-14:30             RACE2                     STC
      14:30-15:00             RACE2                     CUP
      15:00-15:30             RACE2                     BTC
      16:15-16:30             PODIUM
FP: free practice
Q1/Q2 : qualification
R1/R2 : race 20 minutes
Time Attack (4x20min new concept)
13:30-15:30             admin. a techn. preberanie / adm and tech check      
15:35-15:55             FPTA                         A + B
15:55-16:00             PAUSE      
16:00-16:20             TA 1                              A
16:20-16:40             TA 1                              B      
16:40-17:00             TA 2                              A
17:00-17:20             TA 2                              B
17:20-17:40             TA 3                              A
17:40-18:00             TA 3                              B
18:15-18:30             PODIUM

The vehicles must be lined up in the pit 10 minutes prior to the start.
After posting the board PIT WINDOW CLOSED vehicle will be placed at the end of the starting grid, regardless of the outcome of qualifications. In case of late arrival will be allowed to start from the pits.

4. Renting of box can be reserved on mail: Price is 110 Eur for a box. Payment can be done directly in the agencies room when taking the key form the pit.

5. Starting numbers
Starting numbers will be allocated by the organizer on the first registration of the competitor to the SSC and for the rest of the season will remain the same. In case the driver changes the vehicle and it falls into a different class, than must get a new race number. This change needs to be notified before the technical check. The first race number is assigned to the rider free of charge, for assigning an additional number there will be a fee of € 6,-
Lower color band determines groups:
STC – green
BTC – red
OFC – yellow
CUP - blue

6. Two riders with one vehicle
In case if two riders compete on one vehicle, to each of them must be assigned his own starting number. Points from the race will be assigned to each rider separately. Each rider must have their own transponder, each must absolve the qualification. In case of failure to obtain the qualification time needed, will start from the last place.

7. Administrative and technical check
Based on the application and the entry fee paid and a signed declaration of the rider, will receive the staring number. Based on the technical check the vehicle will receive an inspection sticker.

8. Protests
In case of a protest the given division will be announced on the next event. The protest is considered for valid only after the payment of the fee in the amount of 300EURO.

9. Transponder timer
A transponder is counted for 50, - Euro deposit paid on the spot. The deposit is refundable at the end of the event.

10. Race debate

Participation at the race debate is mandatory.  Attention important change !!! Participation will be confirmed by signing the attendance list. A rider who is not participating in the debate will start regardless of the outcome of qualifications, from the pit lane!

11. Race directorate
Race director: Tibor Uher
Sporting commissioner:Roland Sikhart 0905 44 22 56

Sporting commissioner: Mojmír Čambal   0903 52 52 53
Technical commissioner: Marián Sloboda 0917 42 48 78

Media: Lukáš Vician 0903 72 73 41
Commentator: Ján Žgravčák

12. Starting procedure
Board of Commissioners will study  all starting procedure. If starting procedure will not be good stuards will post yellow flags and Saffety Car will come on track. After exiting Safety Car to pitt lane, yellow flags are drooping and the safety car at the end of the round will go off the track  and restart will occur at the green lights. For failure to comply with the starting procedure will be guilty no penalty 30sec. During the re-start time of the race passes.
The organizer reserves the rights to modify the SP, which modified version will be published later on the race debate.

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